The Champagne week is back ! We are so glad to meet you at our annual Champagne tasting day “Trésors de Champagne” alongside all the Special Club Members.

The tasting will take place next April 11th 2022, in Reims at Cercle Colbert

We look forward to meeting you for this Special Event.

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Tasting day “ Trésors de Champagne »
Cercle Colbert
4 rue Noël
51100 Reims
10am – 5pm

On the way to a more sustainable winegrowing

At Loriot-Pagel, we have been committed in sustainable viticultures methods for many years. The House is now certified as H.E.V (High Environmental Value ) and as V.D.C. (French acronym for « Sustainable Winegrowing in Champagne »)

Climate change and its environmental challenges are real. As independent winemaker, our mission is to work for the preservation of our terroir and the quality of our wines.⁣

Every day, in every step of our work, we keep on respecting the biodiversity and the intrinsic properties of our vines and grapes.⁣

Harvest notes

2020 turns out to be very special year in Champagne. 1st fact: a mild Winter. 2nd fact: a dry and frost-free Spring. 3rd fact: the flowering took place in perfect conditions, with an advance of several weeks compared to the previous year!

The optimal monitoring of maturity was essential. From beginning of August, samples of grapes were picked up on each plot to define the best calendar for the harvest. We then decided to start with the Meuniers from Festigny, followed by the Pinot Noirs from Le Breuil.
Usually earlier than the grapes in Marne Valley, the maturity of Chardonnays from Avize, Cramant and Oger was later this year.

The grapes were healthy, and with no powdery mildew on our plots. In some areas, the grapes suffered from the strong heat during the Summer. However the damages were limited and the overall yield was satisfying, even over than the volumes authorized by the appellation.

The good weather conditions associated with our sustainable winegrowing methods may presume a wonderful Vintage 2020.

The harvest has been started from August for the 3rd time in 10 years. Global warming is real and we need to keep on remaing cautious of its impacts on our vines & wines.

[Tasting] Printemps des Champagnes 2019

The Champagne Loriot-Pagel will be happy to welcome you at the Printemps des Champagnes 2019 for a delightful tasting day on Monday, April 15th in Reims.

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For professionals only

Printemps des Champagnes with the Club Trésors at Cercle Colbert, 4 rue Noël à Reims – 10 AM to 6 PM


Pruning is a fundamental task in the vineyard for the quality of the future harvest. Its purpose is to ensure a right balance between vigor, fertility and productivity. More information about the pruning here.

In parallal, the soils are nourrished with organic fertilizers.

[DID YOU KNOW?] The art of serving Champagne

Ideal serving temperature is 8-10 °C (47-50°F).

Below that temperature the Champagne is too cold making aromas harder to detect. Above 10°C (50°F) the wines appear “heavier” and less bright.

To ensure the right temperature, we recommend to store the bottle on its side in the bottom of your refrigerator for minimum four hours.

Never store your bottle in the freezer !! Place the bottle in an ice bucket for half an hour. Add sea salt to chill Champagne even faster.

Enjoy your tasting !

Operation Coteaux Propres

Ce samedi 6 octobre 2018, nous participerons à la 5ème édition de l’opération « Villages et coteaux propres », une action collective avec les vignerons et bénévoles pour préserver notre territoire d’exception et valoriser nos villages de Champagne, inscrits au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO.

An exceptional 2018 harvest

Precocity, quality, volume: the harvest is obviously out of the ordinary.

The harvest was particularly early this year, since it started from August 29th with the picking of our Chardonnays from Avize, Cramant and Oger. After a rainy winter, the dry and warm summer encouraged a healthy and optimal ripening of the grapes. With a high sugar level and a large aromatic palette, musts are excellent and bode a great vintage.

The tasting of the clear wines will happen next winter and will confirm our expectations for this vintage!


[Our vineyard now] Véraison

Berries change colours (“Véraison“). Samples of grapes are taken throughout August to measure sugar and acidity. This year, ripeness will be reached early September