Harvest notes

Harvest notes

2020 turns out to be very special year in Champagne. 1st fact: a mild Winter. 2nd fact: a dry and frost-free Spring. 3rd fact: the flowering took place in perfect conditions, with an advance of several weeks compared to the previous year!

The optimal monitoring of maturity was essential. From beginning of August, samples of grapes were picked up on each plot to define the best calendar for the harvest. We then decided to start with the Meuniers from Festigny, followed by the Pinot Noirs from Le Breuil.
Usually earlier than the grapes in Marne Valley, the maturity of Chardonnays from Avize, Cramant and Oger was later this year.

The grapes were healthy, and with no powdery mildew on our plots. In some areas, the grapes suffered from the strong heat during the Summer. However the damages were limited and the overall yield was satisfying, even over than the volumes authorized by the appellation.

The good weather conditions associated with our sustainable winegrowing methods may presume a wonderful Vintage 2020.

The harvest has been started from August for the 3rd time in 10 years. Global warming is real and we need to keep on remaing cautious of its impacts on our vines & wines.


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