Independent Winegrowers

For many years we have been committed to conserving our vineyard and defending our trade, and we adhere to the Independent Winegrowers’ Charter. Our cuvees are produced entirely in our own cellars and we vinify only the harvests of our estate.

H.E.V. & V.D.C. certification

Our estate has been awarded the High Environmental Value certification (Level 3), a national certification scheme supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture. We strive to limit our environmental impact by means of protecting biodiversity, our plant protection strategy, and fertilisation and water management.

Proof of our commitment  in sustainable viticultures methods, the House is certified as V.D.C. (French accronyme for Sustainable Winegrowing in Champagne) since 2020.

In addition to these certifications, our active engagement encompasses every aspect of our work, from tending the vines to the distribution of our champagnes.

  • Soil cultivation by natural grassing and / or plowing on 80% of our vineyard
  • Planting the vines according to the lunar calendar
  • Ice stripping on a corn starch basis
  • Implementation of renewable energies in all our production process (solar panels, optimized energy consumption, etc …)
  • Water management and waste reduction

Club trésors de Champagne

Since 2008, we have been members of the Club Trésors, the leading association of winegrowers in the Champagne region that advocates a very qualitative approach to viticulture. Every member avidly defends the quality and typicity of his/her terroir represented by an exclusive vintage “Spécial Club” cuvée.