• Carte D’or

    The house style

    The flagship of the Loriot-Pagel Champagne House, Carte d’Or expresses a subtle balance between fullness and suppleness.

  • Rosé

    A subtle Blend

    This aromatic and fruity Rosé champagne is a gourmet reflection of the Loriot-Pagel Champagne House

  • Cuvée de Réserve Millésime

    The richness of a single year

    A fine, single, great year’s harvest for this astoundingly intense and complex vintage champagne.

  • Blanc de Blancs
    Grand Cru Millésime

    Exceptional delicacy

    Crafted from our exceptional Côte des Blancs vines, this Blanc de Blancs reveals great finesse with subtle, fruity aromas and floral scents.

  • Cuvée N°6 Millésime

    Contemporary authenticity

    This vintage champagne matured in oak barrels combines audacity and tradition in homage to the character and expertise of 6 generations of the Loriot family.

  • Spécial Club Millésime

    Meunier par excellence

    This vintage champagne, created exclusively for the Club Trésors de Champagne, is a rhapsody to the sweet, fruity crispness of Meunier, the signature of the grape variety of the Festigny vineyard.

  • Discover our house

    Maintaining our family legacy is our purpose in life. Crafting generous champagnes that respect our land is the very essence of our trade.

  • Discover our History

    Our family history took root in Festigny in 1838. Since then, six generations have followed, passing down this passion for vines and doing their bit to develop the family estate.

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